Limelite Balloons is proud to offer a complete hot air ballooning system for under $13,000!

Limelite Balloons warranties all of our balloon systems for 5 years or 500 hours.

Complete Systems

Limelite Balloons manufactures three models of balloon envelopes and two basket models, which can be paired in a way that best fits your needs!  A complete Limelite system includes an envelope, basket, burner, tanks, instruments, and everything you need to fly!

Our 52K single place complete basic system starts at an amazing $12,995.00.



Limelite Balloons offers two basket models.  Baskets can feature special options such as accented weaving, various leather colors, personalization, and plenty more!  Engineered and handcrafted by our expert staff, Limelite Balloons is proud to offer top quality baskets that will be the envy of the balloon launch field!



The Gemini II burner is engineered and manufactured by National Balloons, a company known for more than 25 years of ballooning excellence.  It is specifically designed for tremendous efficiency and is abundantly powerful, yet surprisingly quiet.  For these reasons, Limelite Balloons has chosen to utilize National Balloons as our burner provider, a company widely trusted and respected in the ballooning community.



Limelite Balloons is proud to offer Flytec Instruments in each new system we manufacture.  Favored in the ballooning community for over 10 years, Flytec offers the most technologically advanced instrumentation available today and remains at the forefront of instrumentation research and development.


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