About Us

Limelite Balloons = Affordable Fun

Ballooning is an expensive hobby that may be financially out of reach for many people. If you have a knowledgeable balloonist to help you, it is possible to acquire a good used system at an affordable price. But what if you don’t have that luxury and don’t feel comfortable purchasing used equipment? Andy Richardson, of LimeLite Balloons, designs and builds a low-cost solution.

We are based in Bloomington, Indiana and set up to serve the entire ballooning community.  As you look though our site you’ll learn about our various services, including complete system balloon manufacturing under the Light Sport Category.

What makes us stand apart from our competitors is the quality of our materials and our dedication to our customers, without regard to excessive profits.  Our fabric is unmatched in the balloon manufacturing community.  It is a 1.9oz base stock high tenacity double weave ripstop nylon, with UV inhibitors and a 3/4oz urethane coating, made specifically for use in hot air balloons.  While it is true that our balloons are slightly heavier than those of other manufacturers, we have chosen to use higher quality material that is designed to last, with higher-than-average durability and dependability.  The positive feedback we have received has been tremendous!  Pilots are enthusiastic about our designs and highly satisfied with our product performance.  We seek repeat business through referrals, not from people needing a new balloon because their previous system wore out much too quickly.