Our burners have been engineered with a multi-jet nozzle system designed to produce a tight flame with little radiant heat and high output. Burners are equipped with Rego/ Sherwood Valves which are readily available throughout the United States, making parts affordable and accessible when replacement is needed. In addition, while still producing the maximum output, our burner is extremely lightweight for ease of assembly and handling.

All burners have these standard features:

– Regulated liquid pilot light
– Piezo electric ignition
– Fully redundant
– Glow Valve (for ultra-quiet burn to avoid disturbing livestock or for night glows)
– Stainless steel construction
– Stainless steel coils for rapid heating and cooling
– Toggle blast valve operation
– Fully gimbaled

Safety has always been of prime concern. Therefore, incorporated in the burner design are: double blast valves, fuel lines, and supplies on all single burner systems. In the event of failure on one side, the other operates independently with normal response, with no delayed after burn, or yellow, sooty flame.