Complete Systems

Balloons/Envelopes: Limelite Balloons offers an option for whatever your sport ballooning needs may require.  From our compact 52,000 cubic foot envelope, to the two-passenger 69,000 cubic foot model, we have something for any sport balloonist.  And for the serious competitor, our Barchetta is the preferred model for the pilot who aims to be a front runner in competitive ballooning!  Each handcrafted balloon envelope comes with an option of a scoop or skirt and a parachute top.

Baskets: Limelite Balloons manufactures two handsome styles of baskets, beautifully crafted with quality rattan and oak.  We offer accented weaving, leather or suede bolster padding, and many personalization options, to make your basket unique and expressive of its owner’s personality! All necessary stainless steel cables are included.  The basket comes with Flytec instruments, fire extinguisher, and 50-foot drop line.
Instruments: Limelite Balloons is proud to offer Flytec® Instruments!

Standard Single Place System (one person)

At 52,000 cubic feet, this sports-car style model is perfect for the pilot who wants to go out to enjoy a solitary, relaxing, peaceful ride.  This balloon is personalized for each individual pilot.  The envelope comes with your choice of fabric colors on horizontal patterns.  A beautifully woven, single place flat top basket, equipped with two ten-gallon steel tanks, a Gemini II burner, and Flytec instruments complete the package.

Barchetta System (competition – two person)

At 60,000 cubic feet, this versatile racing balloon is big enough to carry a pilot and one passenger, but small enough to be flown solo with perfect ease and confidence.  Its size and weight allow for easy handling by a pilot with a single crew member.  Rig, inflate, fly, and pack up this intermediate-size envelope almost effortlessly!  The 60,000 cubic foot envelope comes with horizontal cut patterns, offering a wide range of color options for the purchaser’s individual taste. The basket for the Barchetta is a larger version of the one provided with the standard system. Built for two people, this beautiful flat top basket is handcrafted for quality and comfort. Three ten-gallon padded tanks, flexible uprights, Gemini II burner, and Flytec instruments complete the package.

Plus Two System (two person)

The next size above the Single Place system is the stretch 69,000 cubic foot envelope.  Our largest balloon is perfect for a heavier payload with an extra passenger, or for flying at higher elevations where extra lift is required.  The 69,000 cubic foot envelope, like all our balloons, can be built with a wide range of color options to accommodate individual taste.  The flat top basket is beautifully handcrafted for quality and comfort, spacious enough for the pilot and a passenger.  Three ten-gallon padded tanks, flexible uprights, Gemini II burner, and Flytec instruments complete the package.

Our Plus Two system starts at $15,995.00.