Flytec 3040

For many years, the superb reliability and quality of our precision instruments have made us the leading choice in flight instruments world wide. The Flytec development team has brought together these traits with start-of-the-art technology and created the 3040 Balloon instrument.

Flytec is proud to be able to improve the safety of ballooning with the wireless envelope temperature sensing functionally of the 3040. The 3040 has dominated balloon instrumentation in Europe, and with FCC certification, Flytec USA is pleased to make it available to balloonists throughout North America.

Flytec 6040

The Flytec 6040 is a revolutionary new flight instrument that brings proven state-of the-art 6030 technology to balloonists. It features a large high resolution graphic display in a in sleek and compact housing that is considerably smaller than the 3040. Use with optional Flytec TT34 for accurate and reliable wireless envelope temperature. A built-in GPS that enables a vast array of previously unavailable flight information. In flight, the GPS constantly calculates the wind at various elevations you fly through and generates a wind layer map showing the wind speed and direction on an automatically adjusting altitude scale. The battery supply is two banks of AA rechargeable batteries and the smart battery technology allows the 6040 to auto-switch to the secondary battery bank when the primary bank is depleted. The 6040 has a built-in 3D flight recorder that allows you to download your flights to your PC (via USB port) allowing them to be viewed in FlyChart software (included) or in Google Earth. The very latest in flash processor technology is used allowing the user to easily upgrade the firmware with a PC when new versions and functions become available.